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You have one life only - make the most out of it

In Spring House, we believe in latent potential that lies within all people and organizations. Our core idea is to help our clients develop new ideas and to put them into practise in daily work. We believe that there is always a need for a change, whenever one seeks for growth and development. We provide tangible solutions to our customers and organizations in various stages of the career. Together, we will discover motivation, develop new skills and put them into action. We believe that by small actions, one ends up achieving significant growth. We partner with our clients to create innovative solutions for example in leadership, management, teambuilding, sales skills, customer service and career coaching. Our clients range from entrepreneurial start-ups to large corporations and public sector. We coach thousands of people in their career and work every year. We achieve results with our practical approach.

We have been privileged to have had the opportunity to grow because of our clients.  Our turnover in 2015 was over EUR 8,5 million. Spring House is part of the StaffPoint group. The StaffPoint group consists of three business areas. StaffPoint offers personnel services, Spring House training, coaching and consulting, and Saima Soft HR software. The turnover of the whole group is €120 million. The group employs 300 people. Our nationwide service network covers the whole country, with 20 offices in Finland and one in Estonia. StaffPoint finds employment for 13,000 professionals, Spring House provides coaching  for 20,000 people and Saima Soft software has 22,000 users worldwide – each year.

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